ClearWater Services

ClearWater provides a wide range of on demand service as well as scheduled and preventive maintenance.

ClearWater Service Team

Dedicated Service and Support

ClearWater, Inc. is dedicated to your water and wastewater treatment needs every step of the way. From process system design, to control panel installation, our experienced teams are committed to providing outstanding customer service and operational excellence for a wide variety of support options.

ClearWater Field Services

ClearWater Field Services
  • Flow Meter Calibration
  • Short Term Sewer Flow Studies
  • Short Term Odor Logging Studies
  • Pump Startup Service
  • Laser Alignment
  • Process Instrumentation Calibration
  • Pump Station Flow Studies
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Full Service Odor, Corrosion & FOG Control for Collection Facilities
  • Glycerin (carbon source) for denitrification processes

Need service or support for your water or wastewater treatment project?

ClearElectric, Inc. Services

large pump repair

Pump Services

  • Submersible Pump Repair/Rebuild
  • Dry Pit Pump Repair/Rebuild
  • Vertical Turbines Repair/Rebuild
  • Split Case Pump Repair/Rebuild
  • Self Priming Pump Repair/Rebuild
  • End Suction Pump Repair/Rebuild
Small Motor Repair

Motor/Equipment Services

  • Motor Repair Service Servo Repair
  • Water / WasteWater Equipment Repair
  • Machine Shop Services Impeller, Fans, Rotor Balancing
  • Motor Redesigns
  • Hoist Repair
  • Aerator Repair

Looking for assistance with Motor Services, Construction, or Control Panels? Visit ClearElectric, Inc. for all your electrical needs.